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We specialize in your greatest asset…people.

Master Consultants specializes in maximizing the performance of each individual employee. Our comprehensive approach is customized to you, utilizing your employees’ skills, adapting their behavior and measuring their performance. As 2017 marks our 40th year of service, we are honored to be part of your story and look forward to serving you in the future.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to equip companies toward increasing the performance and productivity of each individual.



We help you make the right decisions on the hard problems.

Consulting Services

Master Consultants is dedicated to making strong companies stronger. Every service we offer is designed to give you an immediate return on your investment. We measure, manage and perform against the highest of professional standards.

Hiring & Staffing

Most companies face a dilemma when hiring. You may be faced with many similarly qualified applicants – how do you choose? Or, you may not be able to find ONE applicant – how do you broaden your search? Master Consultants can take you from A to Z in the hiring and staffing process.

Speaking to Your People

Capturing the attention and imagination of your people. Motivating them to greater success and productivity. Addressing specific educational or training issues. Whatever the need, Master Consultants can speak to your people, helping you make them better at what they do.

Our Team

Melissa A. Jaegle


Founder and president of Master Consultants, Melissa has been conducting corporate and individual training and educational seminars for over 25 years. From CEOs and middle managers to company employees, she has personally assisted thousands in reaching their untapped potential. Her work has resulted in businesses realizing millions of dollars in increased profit in addition to time savings and enhanced productivity. Every client is given personal attention, experiences measurable results and receives customized programs to integrate throughout their organizations.

Jeff K. Hartman

Senior Consultant

Jeff specializes in measurement and systems follow-through, and has been with Master Consultants since 1986. He coordinates accountability systems to support corporate long-range plans. Working with key individuals, he creates and helps implement custom solutions using leadership and accountability skills and techniques. Through his support, businesses begin to perform to their greatest potential, regardless of the type of business. Jeff has worked with companies in manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, medical and legal services as well as family-owned businesses.

Karin Reid

Director of Operations

Karin joined Master Consultants in 2013. She has a B.A. in management from Manchester College and over 30 years sales and training experience. A leader in the direct sales industry, Karin built successful organizations with both Discovery Toys and Lia Sophia Jewelry. Training has always been a common denominator in her career starting with her position as a computer trainer, and blossoming into a trainer of people. Karin specializes in people skills, allowing you to maximize productivity with your people and your services.

Contact Us

For more information about how Master Consultants can customize a plan for your company please contact us.

Local: 260-483-1100
Toll Free: 800-471-3607
Melissa A. Jaegle: maj@mclp.us
Jeff K. Hartman: jkh@mclp.us
Karin Sherbahn: kss@mclp.us
7301 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
7301 W. Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46804 | 260-483-1100 | 800-471-3607


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