Hiring & Staffing

A-Z Hiring

Master Consultants can handle every aspect of the hiring process. We begin by reviewing the position, your expectations, salary and benefits offered. From creating the ad to reviewing resumes and interviewing potential candidates, we take care of every step. By narrowing the field to only the candidates most qualified who fit the culture of your company, we save you both time and money. Presenting the best candidates to you for final interviewing and selection, we will also do all of the necessary reference and background checks.

Cultural Fit Assessment

Using one of the most effective tools available, we help assess potential employees, their work style, mental aptitude and temperament to help you determine the best fit for the culture of your company. Doing it right the first time saves thousands of dollars in lost productivity and training on an employee that will have to be replaced all too soon.

Orientation & Training

Putting together orientation and training plans for new employees continues the savings when a motivated employee settles in and performs at his or her highest level of effectiveness.


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